Pet Nutrition

May 18, 2015

Pet Obesity is Big!


The veterinary team at the Companion Pet Hospital of Fishkill is raising awareness about the dangers of the epidemic of pet obesity! We believe that educating pet owners on the importance of proper veterinary care is a critical aspect of ensuring that your pet’s weight is managed for their health. We recommend weight management consultations for all pets that are overweight or suspected of being overweight. A weight management consultation includes:

  • Assessment of your pet’s weight
  • Consideration of the medications and supplements they take
  • Consideration of their exercise habits
  • Examination of their diet and serving sizes
  • Health status considerations
  • Lifestyle assessment

We will consider your pet’s needs and circumstances when determining the best course of action for their weight management. A pet that is overweight is at a great risk of a number of health conditions, including heart and kidney issues, as well as joint and mobility problems. Obesity is an epidemic that is affecting nearly half of the nation’s pets, and just as in humans, it can be deadly over time! For pets, even just a few pounds of extra weight can be dangerous for their health.

Schedule Your Pet’s Weight Management Consultation in Fishkill

If you suspect that your pet is overweight or if our veterinarians have told you that your pet is overweight, we would be happy to talk with you about their weight management. For health reasons, weight should be managed promptly. Please contact us today to schedule their check-up!

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