Lifestyle Consultations

Nutritional/Supplement and Pain Management Consultations can be scheduled with Dr. Frederick. During these appointments with you and your pet, Dr. Frederick will review any medical issues your pet may have. In addition, your pet’s diet, supplements, medications, body condition, and activity level will be discussed. We’ll develop a customized plan which will often include treatments to manage acute or chronic conditions, exercise/physical therapy programs, and recommendations to maximize the effectiveness of any medications your pet is currently being treated with. These consultations are complementary when you choose to pursue the recommended treatment program.

Fishkill: 8 Route 9 Fishkill, NY
Hours: Monday – Friday 8am-6pm | Saturday 8:30am-1pm

Carmel: 1242 Route 52, Carmel, NY
Hours: Monday – Friday 8:30am-5pm | Saturday 8am-1pm

Beekman: 2540 Route 55, Poughquag, NY
Hours: Wednesday 12pm-6pm | Friday 8am-1pm