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Behavior Counseling

Companion Pet Hospital provides information, advice, and resources to assist you in addressing your pet’s behavioral concerns, as well as offering pet training in Carmel and Fishkill, NY.


We offer behavior counseling geared toward managing nuisance, destructive, or dangerous conduct in pets. Common behavior concerns include:

  • excessive barking
  • chewing, scratching, digging
  • inappropriate urination and/or spraying
  • house soiling
  • growling and/or biting


We begin with a thorough exam to identify any physical issues that may cause problem behavior, including an irritating allergy or skin disorder, painful urinary tract infection, broken or loose teeth, sore muscles and joints, and hormonal imbalances. Medical interventions for specific conditions can effectively eliminate some behaviors.

For serious behavioral issues, medication alone may not solve behavioral problems, even if the problem’s cause was rooted in a medical issue or pain. A behavior modification or training plan is often needed in conjunction with medical treatment.

Some pet problems are best addressed by adding behavioral medication to the treatment plan. Typically, medication is combined with behavior modification to help the patient respond more effectively. For example, if a dog is afraid of thunderstorms, medication helps to tolerate the storm while behavior modification is implemented.


Aside from medical issues, environmental changes can cause stress that leads to pet problems. Changes in the pet’s household, such as adding a new family member or a move to a new location, can cause unpleasant behavioral changes.

Don’t wait to address pet problems of this nature. The longer a negative behavior is exhibited, the more difficult it is to correct. Behavior modification and medical treatment helps re-establish a safe and happy household while enhancing the human-animal bond. We partner with INSTINCT Dog Behavior and Training click below to learn more about our dog training in Carmel and Fishkill, NY.


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